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The Author's Corner: Stressed

We all suffer from some form of stress in our lives. This one thing leads to how we deal with it instead of looking at what is causing the stress. Some examples are a job you do not like, money issues, bad relationships with family and friends. These few that I have mentioned are the main things that cause stress for people.

These few things can lead a person to a breakdown where they start using drugs, booze and the such to deal with that stress. The choice to deal with these issues like that cause the stress to build and can lead to hospitalization. I know that to deal with the issues in a positive way is a lot easier said than done. I have personal experience with using alcohol to deal with the stressful situations in my life by using it to runaway from the issues that were causing the stress.

With a positive way of working on the stressful areas of you life, like a bad job that you do not like, try to figure out what you would like to do for your career which could be going back to school or to find a better employer to work for. This is something that the school system does when we are younger to help mold or shape us towards careers that would be good for us. This is where making the right choice for your career is needed to be taken in a positive way and the teachers to urge you into one you do may enjoy. This will always lead to stress if you do not like your career choice, a common mistake is that these young adults go to university or college and finish their schooling to find out they really do not like the job. When I was in school I knew that I was going to become a chef as I was drawn into the cooking world at a young age and enjoyed it. I was lucky to find something that I wanted to do, most people when they are in high school do not know what they want to do.

That is just one example of the stress that young people face when they are in high school and in the first or second year of post-secondary education. The situation at home and with friends is another area of concern because you may be from a bad home where the only support was from yourself. This type of stress leads to where the abuse of alcohol and drugs, and yes doctor prescribed as well for drugs, takes the person down a dark path as they try to runaway from the pain that they went through as a child. A negative childhood can do many things to where the person does not trust anyone that they meet, or that they feel that people are out to under mind them. For me it was my peer group, not a negative homelife, that I had to deal with being bullied for ten years. That was why I turned to alcohol and weed when I moved to Edmonton when I left my parents for schooling. I was running away from my past and somehow, I found a career that gave me the ability to be able to move back to were I am from. That was when the healing started for me as I was in what I said was home for me.

With the other things that causes stress, there are people who are trained to help you to deal with those parts of your life. These people work in the Mental Health fields and they can help you face the demons that you have in your past that is causing emotional stress. I know that it was not until I started to write the An Individual’s Innocence series when I began to work on accepting my past and that was back in 2004, before I was diagnosed with schizophrenia which was brought to light because of my alcohol and weed usage as well from not dealing with my past in a positive way by getting the proper help. Once I started to write the series I removed myself from the life that I had lived and made the changes to get me to where I am now. I have had many counsellors over the years since 2005 to help me to move forward with my mental health issues and to get clean from the alcohol and weed.

When you know what is causing you the stress, it is up to you to fix it. That means that it is your responsibility to do the work to make your life stress free. Now in saying that I know that your life will be totally stress free because you may work in a career you love there still is somethings that will give you problems. You may be with an amazing partner and there will be times when you are at odds with them, and so for all the other things that stress you out. The key thing here is how you deal with that stress, is it a positive way. As I have learned since my mental health has taken me out of the work world, it is up to me how I see it. Am I retired and working in a new career as an author and helping my family or am I disabled. I see it as retirement with the ability to focus on another love and that is writing.

In all that it comes down to is how you deal with the stress. I can say to find positive ways in dealing with it until I am blue in the face because it comes down to you.

Stay safe.

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