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The Author's Corner: The Author

To tell a story is one thing but to put it on paper and have people to buy your work are two different things. As the times when you are sitting down reading your book by your favorite author, there was times by him/her that they may have wanted to throw it out. My favorite author is Stephen King and the story of when he was ready to give up on his writing early in his career I can understand. I was at the point of giving up on An Individual’s Innocence: The Silent Screams until a friend said for me to finish it and get it published. I think that all authors go through that with some of their books throughout their career.

The hardest thing for me is that I fight with an illness so I find that the world that I create for my characters as my escape from the schizophrenia. There is times when I just sit and think of stories that I want to write and then when it is time to write them I am in a way releasing my soul for all to see and hear. The one thing is that in my writing of An Individual’s Innocence series I am wanting to show that even though I battle a mental illness, I can still be a part of society and give those who suffer that it is not the end of their lives.

In all that has come in my life as a published author, which was back in 2016, I have held up my dreams for myself. There have been times when I read bio’s of other authors and personalities that have come before me and their struggles. This is where I get my strength to move on and at the same time I get inspired by their perseverance against their troubles. I think of when their lives were at the bottom and yet they never gave up on their dreams.

These are the things what have given me the strength to look forward when I have been down in the darkness of my life. It shows me that I have weathered all of the negative in my life and there were times when I wanted to end it all. Every time I was at that point in my life, I have gone back to 1998 when a good friend of mine said to me, “James, you have something that everyone wants. You have it, so if you are going to quit, quit everything.” That night changed my life and for the better. There as I say have been questions of why I have lived through the things that I have and I use my past as a reminder of where I was yesterday and where I am heading to.

Imagine yourself at the crossroads in life, not sure which way to go. To your left is hell and to your right is where everyone who think they know what want. Ahead of you is where you see yourself but the path is the one less traveled. The one thing is it is your life to make the decision. So, I will say that once you make that decision on which path that you choose do not look back and wish you could have changed your mind. Everyday brings a chance to do better for yourself and to find yourself. That is that path less traveled and it will test you everyday. Stay positive and moving forward because it is your story and you are the author of your life. Take the time to write it and put in what you want to.

Once you pick up that pen, it is you that will be in control of your life. The best advice that I can give is to start with writing a journal and clear your mind of all the thoughts that are running through you mind. It is like taking the skipping disks out of your library and once that happens your life will be all in your hands. There will be people who will not like what you are doing is because they will have no power over you. I will say that you will sure find out how many real friends that you have. One other thing, be your own hero in your story.

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