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The Author's Corner: The Endless Battle

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

When I think of battles, I think of life because it continues every day that we wake. It is one thing that never ends. I know that everyone battles with what is happening in their lives and no one has an easier path than the others. The path that we are on in this life is going to have good times and bad. There will be sharp cliffs that the bottom is unseen as you spin out of control as you fall but it does end. One thing is what we do when we hit rock bottom and that is where the fight begins as you slowly climb up the mountain again.

These falls are to strengthen you for the roll that you are to play in life. Some start at the top of the mountain and have no clue what they did wrong because they have not fallen before. For those who have experienced the long climb up, the fall is less of a surprise as they are able to look back up to learn what happened to them. This is one of the hardest lessons that we have to learn and when you reach the top, you have more respect for those that are around you. This is something that most people loose when they reach the top and once you loose respect, that is when you fall.

With all battles that you face, they are not attacks on you but what they are is seeing if you can move through even when you want to quit. I have wanted to quit many times and it is something that I had to conquer to become who I am now. At time when the choice to go forward is almost imposable, do not quit because it is at that point when you will defeat that battle.

Some of us have medical problems, other’s have financial stress and I could sit here and make a book on just the battles that people have. No matter what battle that you are in, it is there for you to learn something about yourself and that is what I see it as when it gets harder.

When it is all said and done, we will die and some think that there is just this life. I hope that most believe that there is something after this life because in my mind it makes sense that there is an afterlife. There is a saying that I have heard many times by one of my teachers and he said to me, “James, death is only the beginning and what we do in life echo’s throughout your life path that you are on.” He also said that where we are all energy and you can not stop that. My teacher found me when I was ready to give up and he did that over a great many cups of tea. He told me to remember him as Chris, a wise old Buddhist monk.

The battle I was facing was having to deal with my past and it is a battle that I still fight with, however it is now me looking at the lessons that I was needed to learn in those battles. Over the time I have always been moving forward and I still come to a cliff and the only option that I have is to continue. The only difference is now I climb down the mountain instead of falling even when it means that I must start out from the bottom again.

It is up to you how you fall. Slowly or a full out drop is the choices that you have when it comes to those battles. There are no right or wrong way because each of us look at the battle in different ways. There is always going to be time to fight and for those who last the rounds in the ring and learn how take the hits that life will throw at you always will come out of the struggle on top. For then, you will see the light at the end, you will win that battle.

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