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The Author's Corner: The Lake

It is summertime as you are spending time at your cabin by the lake. All around you are the mountains with their snowcapped peaks. In the distance there is a waterfall coming from a glacier fed river that feeds the lake. The sun is high in the sky as you hear the sounds of the forest around you. The sky is clear and in a cool breeze you can smell the freshness of the air. The lake itself is so calm that it is like a mirror. In all ways there you find peace from the real world.

In the above I have described a place that I find peace in or better put, where I hope that I go when I leave this physical world. It is my take on heave for me even though the scene may exist somewhere in some mountain range around the world. The thing about the imagination is that we can picture something and in what will be our life’s end. Without a dream, where do we go?

The answer is left for our mind to decide as it is what motivates us forward. If we all looked at life on earth as a beginning, we are faced with the fact that life is short. There has to be something else that awaits us. Could this be a dream that we are all having together and the picture I have painted is just some stopping point along our journey? Where time is relevant in this world that we live in, is it going to be the same in the afterlife?

So many questions that can be seen for what is to be with just one simple image. In what is to happen in between birth and death is up to us to live for the moment that we have now. There are those who try to live in their dreams and some remain in them for their whole lives. Almost like living a lie, most people tell those who are living their dreams to come back to reality. What is reality when you come to look at it? Is it better to live a dream or just to give up?

The time that we spend in our own special places in our lives, we learn who we are and the things that happen around us is what is in our path. You do not meet people for no reason, the fact is we all have our own path to follow.

If you place of peace is in the middle of a city in the early morning hours, let it be and live it. You can create your own place and it does not have to be real or not, what it has to do is to relax you when you think about it.

When it comes down to the bottom line and why I am showing you all this image is because it is something that everyone can do. Frustrated with life, think of a place of peace, take a couple breaths with your eyes closed and see it.

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