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The Author's Corner: The Rain

The rain of life can be seen as trials and pain for some and for others it is the changes that they are going through. In what comes is a struggle if you are going through the hard times in life and I think even on the best of days we struggle. There is always a calm before the storms that comes in from the weather and our own lives that leaves us waiting for the storm to come. Do we run inside for cover or do we stand out to feel the rain on your face?

Depending on what is happening in your life will answer that question. For the most part of our lives, the better is to run for cover in the warmth of the house. Within the time that I have lived in my life, I have always stayed out in the storm as the rainwater washes away my stress. To watch the lightening and feeling the rumbles of the thunder flowing through your body is something that will set you free.

We all go through the rains of life. I would say that it makes you a stronger person. To understand that everyone’s storm is different is because we are all different people. It is one thing to say that your storm is worse than mine or someone else’s, however until you walk in the shoes of that person, you will never understand their battles.

It comes down to what is right for you and the conditions that surrounds you. We all walk in this life and the times that we have with this world is different for each of us. For me it is mental illness that is my storm. Your storm may be taking care of your parents in their later years. All I know is that how you approach the battle that you have will make it easier or harder for you.

If there is one thing that I can say is look at everyday in a positive light because waking up is not a promise. No matter how hard the days are, take the fact that you woke up the beginning of the end of the bad days that you have had. Facing each day as a blessing, we will move forward as better people. It is something that has taken many years for me to figure out and I know that I have grown into it. The days are still hard for me and they will be for you as well, but just thanking God/The Creator/ or whatever you believe in for another day alive.

Everyone that comes into our lives is here to teach us something about ourselves or to help guide us into better times. That is something that I know is hard to understand, but why else would we be meeting them. There is always time for us to use in the way we choose and to view things the way we want to, for it is your choice to make.

In the last few years since I have been retired, I have seen some of my storms come and go. The stress from a job is not there anymore and I am free to write my books and these essays for everyone to enjoy. Part of my storm is to make the change in how society should see the mentally ill and with each and every person who reads my writing I hope in a way that they learn that the mentally ill are not to be feared. To understand what mental health is and that most of us stay on our pills and the few that do go off will always end up back in the hospital hopefully without hurting anyone. It is the stories where the few who suffer that do hurt people and themselves after give the mentally ill a bad name and the media runs with it.

That is the storm that I face everyday when I leave my house and go somewhere in town. Those who know me know that I am no threat to them and for those who do not understand my illness will fear me because they think I am dangerous because they only know what the media has said about my illness.

I have seen my storms and I will always make my way through them with a lesson that was needed to be learned. For you who is reading this I wish you the best if you are in a low part of your life. Know one thing and that is as long as you get to wake up tomorrow you are being given another opportunity to change your life or to live the one you are in. In time we will all come to face the final storm and that is death, but I do not think the soul will change when the physical body dies. I feel that we will continue on our life path even in death.

The rain is there to teach us that is only takes changing your view on the situation you are in to change your life. Stay safe.

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