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The Author's Corner: Your Dream

When it comes to people’s dreams of the future, the hardest step for everyone is that first one. The reason why the first is the hardest is because they worry what people will think. This is the biggest killer of all dreams since most people want to be accepted by the masses.  Those who are afraid of what people will thing do not realize that other peoples view should not be taken into their dream. In all honesty most people do not care what others are doing and if it is within the friend group where the negative opinion from some just goes to show that they were not true friends. Something of advice is that your true friends will push you towards your dreams since they want you to reach it.

There are other killers to dreams and out of them all is that inner voice that says you can not make it and that you are just kidding yourself. This demon is the one who makes you question your work and pulls on to your failures that you have had before. The attack is on the inner child that you have which has the dream. To defeat this demon, it is simple, just make one step towards your dream and let the attack happen and then make another step which will cause the demon that you are going to reach it.

For those people who are in your friend group, you can tell who is with you or not. Those who are not for your dream will say things like, “Stop dreaming, you will never make it and who do you think you are?” These people have a problem and it is not with your dream, it is the fact that you are chasing after your own dreams and they are too afraid to try to dream. The common reason why they are like this is because when they had their own dreams, someone trampled on them and never showed the positive support toward them.  It is something that happens to most people and for the few that do continue alone on to reaching those dream, the ones who were treated badly are jealous of you.

When it comes to life in general anyone who is motivated to achieve the job promotion, most people are negative towards them in the work force. In my experience when I was working in the kitchens, most of the other cooks in the kitchen did not like me for some reason or another. I never let it affect me since I was to busy learning and going for my goals and dreams. However, I have a thick skin because of what I went through in my childhood, I had drive to be the best and to prove to myself that I could do it.

I have been at all points along the path to realizing goals and dreams as I have always put first. Now I continue with my dreams and goals, with most of the people in my friends and family group knowing that nothing will stop me from reaching them. If you only have the support of one or two people that is all you need to reach your dreams and one of those people should be you. In the end of it, the only one who can stop you from reaching your dreams and goals is you.

If you have a dream to reach, go for it and you will have the moments when you break free from the negative thoughts and people, you will then rise to achievement of that dream. Have your mind focused on the dream every day and night and nothing will stop you from reaching it. The first step is the hardest, but it is worth it. Stay positive and go for them because you can reach all of them.

Stay safe.

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