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Book Review of Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King

As many of King's books are of horror, this book is of a different type of horror and that is something that could happen in a way that deals with the mind. I have read many of his other books and I can say that I have enjoyed this book more because of how he has written it. It is about a boy who meets a man who has a special power to read people's thoughts and who is being chased. Not one to give away the book, King has done an amazing job of putting the characters together into believable people in the book.

I liked the fact that in all of King's books that I have read that he takes the time to build the plot and follows through with it throughout the book. With how he ends the first part of the book I was questionable on where he was going with the next part and as I got a few pages into that part I saw what his plan was for the rest of the book.

In all it was a good read and as a fan of King, I will promise that I will not fill my book review with all his books. I will be picking up The Green Mile to read in the future and I may also read The Dark Tower Series where I have that as well.

With King's work, I am more liking his ability to open up into different types of horror that is not with monsters and such. I feel that this is his way of showing that he is able to write any type of book that he is working on. I will say to give this book a read if you are looking for something different from King.

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