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Book Review of Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

To start off first after I heard of Anne's death I felt the need to reread my favorite book by her to do a review.

With this book it is a story of what it would be like if you were a vampire. The thing that I love about this book is how Anne wrote the book and the way she gets you into the story.

This book is well written and allows you to feel for the characters as they go throughout the book. Louis is the main character and is the one who is telling the story of his life as after becoming a vampire.

The one thing that I enjoyed is how Anne keeps the story interesting. She does a good job at describing the scenes throughout the book.

As the book moves through the pages there are breaks where most authors would start a new chapter. It is easy to read even though there is no chapters.

All said and done this is an amazing book to read if you are looking for a different type of a vampire book.

For the next book that I am going to be reading will be 1984 by Gorge Orwell.

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