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Book review of Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne

To start with on this book is that I will give Verne on his great storytelling ability from the first person. The plot is well thought out for the adventure that he tells. At some parts it is an easier read than others and at times there is a question of where the plot is going. He keeps the reader engaged and wanting more for each chapter. I found that the chapters are not the longest which kept me reading for hours on end.

For the main point of the story, I like how Verne makes you feel as though you are in the book completely. There is a lot of detail that he does for the reader not to really have to try and picture it. Well done in my opinion.

With the starting off of the journey that the main two characters is to go to the center of the earth like the title says. The one thing that I think is funny is the face that Verne makes no effort to let you know what you are going to be reading because of the title.

This book has been on my reading list for quite a long time and for anyone who wants something that is a little different I would recommend this book. It has its low points as well but what book doesn't. All in all it is a great read and something that takes your mind on a trip of what if's.

My next book that I will be reading is Fairy Tale by Steven King. (Doing something newer this time.)

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