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Book Review of The Green Mile by Stephen King

The first thing that I will say about this book is that King shows us that there are different types of horror that he writes. The book takes place in the death row of a prision during the 1930's. The main character is recalling his time as the head guard of the death row. It is interesting how King tells the story of the prisioners.

There is something that I have to say and that is one of the prisioners story is where the horror comes into play. He can only be described as a gift from God with the powers to heal people. The fact that King has placed this idea could happen is him showing his mastery of writing. He takes us through the last days and the healing three times from John Coffey, the man with the power to heal.

For the way that King chose to write this book, he has been able to show that there are things in this world that we do not understand. He makes it a point to highlight the end of three prisioners in the chair called 'Old Sparky'. I think that way he was keeping to his horror style as to draw our attention to those things.

I have read many of King's books and this one I found was more of a way for him to show that he is in a class all of his own as an author. I enjoyed this book and I would say that it is worth a read. There is a little bit of everything in this book from a mouse that does tricks to a gift from God that arrives in the prision slated for death.

The next book that I am going to be reading is The Traveler's Summit by Andy Andrews.

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