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Book Review of The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice

Well what a read. To start off with I like how Rice took the character's from Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat and threw them all together and added a few to make an amazing book. From the way that she writes the book at the start and to the end, she has made it known that she could create a book that will last the test of time.

Some of the things I liked was the back stories of the new characters even where they might only have a chapter or a few pages after their introduction. Out of the three books for The Vampire Chronicles Collection, all three were well written, I loved this one. There was action, there was love and the story that was started in the collection with Interview with the Vampire came to an ending that I guess the main character of the series of bools was Lestat and it was him that I was able to relate to the most.

As an author, Rice showed her mastery of the written word and it is sad that she has passed away. So, should you read this book? You should read The Vampire Chronicles Collection if you like a dark love story.

Where Rice wrote this book, I think that she was trying to show us something that is in all of us. I know that with each book in the collection, I saw somethings that lay in my mind that was looking for understanding. You might not like vampires or what they have stood for of what society has made them out to be. It is that she is giving them a new picture. In all honesty I feel that she has done a great job with all of her work that I have read over the years.

Now we get to the next book that I am going to read. The next book is The Green Mile by Stephen King. This will be the last book by King that I am going to read to post in this blog.

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