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Book Review of The Shack by WM. Young

To start off I will say that the book is well written and the story in which is being told is done to perfection. The book takes a look at what being in a relationship with God should be. Young follows through with having a friendship with all three visions of God, (The Father, son and holy ghost).

The story is about understanding ones religion and the workings of why things happen in life. I have a different look with religion myself and I did find my mind wondering back towards the bible as I was reading this book. That in itself says something with the story in the book.

With the story the main character plays is from a father who has lost his child because of a killer. The first few chapters set up the tempo of the book and the way that Young plays God off has made it an amazing read.

This is definitely something that would make todays religions uncomfortable with how Young portrays the picture that he shows for what heaven is. Not only that, I get the feeling that Young is trying to show that God is longing for our relationships.

There are other things that I got from the book and in general I enjoyed the book with its message that Young is trying to show us. In time, I hope that more people will give this book a read and to say it simply it is worth the investment.

One thing is that I warn, the first few chapters will capture you and it will make you look at God in a different light. More so, I have a different opinion now and an open mind again towards God's gifts for life anew.

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