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Book review of The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews

First off, this book is an easy read with a strong storytelling that Andrews displays. The story covers a character who is at the lowest of his life until he makes a decision that will change his life. Throughout the book the main character meets some of notable people in history who give him advice. It sounds simple, however, that advice can help everyone.

Throughout the book the main character goes from person to person for when they lived in the history of the world. Andrews makes a point of making you feel as though you are there as someone who is watching it happen. Not really pulling you in like you are in the scene with the characters which I think makes the book stand out to where you want to turn the page none stop.

The book took me about three days to read as it is a page turner. The message that it has for the reader is something that you need to hear if you are going through a hard time, and even if you are searching for something to motivate you in your life. It is one of those books and the story that Andrews tells is perfectly done.

The next book that I will be reading is The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.

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