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The Author's Corner: If This is It Pt. 2

In the distant future there will be a time when all of the questions will be answered. The biggest question will be is there an afterlife and more importantly what was life about? These two questions have been looked at for many years by the greatest of thinkers. For those who look for the answers to these two questions, most look to their religious books and beliefs.

Within the texts of all religions there is what they believe is the answer. Most of the time it is a different answer from each religion. For me, I have read a good number of these books over my life and I have looked for the answers to these questions and what I understand is that there is a creator God or what you call it. Other than that there was no clear answer that I could find.

There are people who believe that this life is just chance. If so, then why is there a higher belief in something by a good amount of people around the world. I have known people who have this view on life as chance until the loss of a loved one. That is when the question I hear from them is there an afterlife?

Death has that affect on people when the non-believers become believers. Is there a heave and a hell? I have heard that question many times in my life and I still do not know myself.

What I think is that when we die our soul continues down the path that we are on. The truth is that in 2005 something happened to me and it still leaves me wondering about that question. My question is if what I saw that cold January night, did I see the creator God or was I just dreaming that I had died?

From what some people have said about their near death experiences is that they saw a white light. I saw a cross above my head and my body lying on my hospital bed with a man in a white suit standing beside me. All I know for sure is that when I woke up moments later I felt different, almost lighter to say.

So, the question is, is there an afterlife and if there is, would we know that we were dead or not?

Stay safe.

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