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The Author's Corner number 12

Today's topic is going to be music.

First off, music is one of the artworlds sounds. It can motivate you through the beat and the words of the songs can take you to a place somewhere else. With music there are so many different types that have carved out a place for them. From the different countries all around the world we have a wide choice to listen to.

Some places of work will allow music to be played during work hours which is always something good to do as it promotes a positive work place. Most of the kitchens that I have worked in always had a radio. For what it does do is keeps the mind focused on the job at hand as it is nothing but white noise.

With what music stands for, you can see the changes in the political arena of the time as most artists write about what is happening at the moment. Others lead their work towards what is needed in their own lives and places where they live. I look at the rap movement in the 1990's and early 2000's as there was a common voice about the treatment of the ghetto areas of the major cities in the USA. This is just one of many things that the music artists have done.

For what it is worth, music has always given a road map for society to follow. As of music now in the 2020's I have turned back to the classic music from when I was in my 20's and what I grew up on. During the time of my 20's was back in 1999 and well I feel that was when music changed to take the path to today's music. I have heard some of todays music and well it does not have the feel like it did when I was listening. I guess I am that old.

Stay safe.

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