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The Author's Corner number 6

Todays topic is all about writing a journal and how it helps me with creativity writing.

One of my biggest tools that I use every day is typing three pages in my journal. In there I am able to get all the thoughts that are running through my mind onto paper so to say. As it is the process of writing which is the main reason why I do it, I am able to prime my creativity so to speak.

The first thing is that the journal helps me to quiet my mind which gives me a better place to start with my writing. It takes away the jumble of thoughts that I have built up through the night of sleeping and brings me back to reality. I normally write in it about a half hour after waking up. The reason for this is because I eat and set up my coffee, a must for me. The normal routine also sets me up for the day if I am writing or not.

The second thing that it does is helps me draw out ideas to write as I will always start on the thinking of the present book that I am writing. This also help because like most authors the odd time I do get writers block and the writing in the journal a lot of the time gets me back to the project that I am working on.

The third thing is that when I am in between books it keeps me active and focused on what my goals and dreams are. Most of them are around my career as an author, however there are other things that I do outside of writing.

For all that do write a journal there are different reasons why people write one. For some it is to get through hard times and others it is to do something to clear their minds. What it does for me is keeps me in control of my mind and attention. I know when I am having bad days because the journal is harder to write. If you want to challenge yourself to helping your mind I would recommend writing a journal and there is no right or wrong way to write one.

As of now stay safe and I will be back next Sunday where I will talk about another important tool for authors and that is the act of reading books.

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